Please help yourself

I find it so fascinating how some people can’t even acknowledge and respect people who are different to them, instead they spend their whole lives surrounded by the same people, in the same environment all the time, living in their little bubble and simply laugh at people who are different not because they are better but just because they won’t let themselves understand them.

These people feel as though accepting someone different to them be it in looks, interests, or values means that they will lose their own ‘values’. This only shows weakness in character, if you are sure of yourself and your principles are real and come from within you would have no problem talking to someone who looks the complete opposite to you (not saying you have to like them but at least have an open mind you may be surprised).

In fact putting yourself in different situations and exposing yourself to different types of people is the ONLY way you can learn and some people will never realize that. Or maybe it’s more that some people don’t want to learn because they are afraid of being proven wrong, again another sign of weakness in character. I am very opinionated but I love it when someone proves me wrong since it means that I have learnt something new and grown as a person. Even a child can teach you something wise if you would care to even listen.

I’m not as naive as I look and I know when people are pre-judging me and looking down at me without trying to know me, some may think I’m a bimbo (people don’t want to accept brains + beauty :p) , some think I’m a geek,  others think I’m too innocent, some think the opposite but when they see other people take interest only then do they want to know me, and even if I’m nice to them, in my head they are all losers. (Unless they apologize for their assumptions, I’m a big fan of forgiveness!)

Moral of the story is you can find at least ‘something’ in common with anyone, it’s okay to agree to disagree sometimes, help yourself by being more open minded and believe me arrogance gets you no where valuable.

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  1. here here, i fully agree with your point and its a shame that there are people whos weaknesses prevents them for enjoying the finer and happier things that us strong people have in our lives….and it is us strong people that recognise their weaknesses a mile off….change = progress = success = happiness = a better world…
    love your blog Dana to an open minded and thoughtful person with the world at her arms…xxx

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