My first trip to Morocco Part 1/3- Never undervalue your friends

I’m feeling burnt out, the weather is disgusting and I’ve been in the same country for more than two months for the first time in over a year. (Okay now I’m showing off) I get a last minute call from my dad, he tells me he’s in Morocco for business and asks if I can join him at any point in the next few days. I’ve never been to Morocco but the thought of looking for flights and getting organized seems too stressful at the moment.

Wednesday evening, a friend visits me at work, he asks how I am, I tell him things have been mad busy to the extent that I’ve turned down an all expenses paid trip to Morocco. He tells me I’m crazy, calls up a travel agent immediately and reserves me a flight. Dear friend, (and you know who you are) I have you to thank for this trip of a lifetime.

At this point I’m thinking ‘what would I do without my friends?’ Sometimes you need them to rationalize your thoughts.

So I’m all set to go, 6am on Friday morning Gatwick-Marrakesh . I’m thinking the good thing about going on this trip is that it will force me to have some chill out time which is well over due.  Last minute packing I pick up my watch then put it down, I’m thinking I don’t even want to be aware of the time while I’m out there!

Cab picks me up at 3am, I’ve had only 2 hours sleep, it’s raining of course. We pass Edgware Road on the way, it’s packed full of people, the driver and I are both a bit surprised but accept that it is the post-clubbing food venue. He tells me ‘the food industry is the best industry to be in because people will never stop spending on food’, I’m thinking don’t I know it.. He then adds a key point, ‘if you get it right that is’.

I finally get through security at the airport. I’m looking forward to buying my self loads of healthy food and some gourmet chocolate to have on my flight (This treat is part of my usual flight routine). My thought bubble bursts and the fire alarm goes off, ‘everybody to the nearest exist now’. Great. I’m hoping this gets over with quickly but it takes forever. I’m thinking trust my luck I’m definitely not going to Morocco now, I bet someone back home has cursed me, damn you for making me suffer in stormy England with everyone else. I soon get reassured and finally make my way onto the flight.

Mid flight, there is the most sour looking grumpy man sitting next to me. They bring round the food trolley, he asks for a bacon sandwich but they have run out, he makes the biggest fuss, I’m thinking dude you’re going to Morocco lighten up! From then on every time a flight announcement was made he’d curse and swear so loudly you’d almost worry about his blood pressure. I find it hilarious and the flight attendants tell me they are glad I can see the funny side.

We arrive and oh I forgot to mention, the night before my dad tells me he has arranged for a lady to pick me up from the airport, he emails me a photo of her and informs that she has a photo of me too. I’m thinking this is a seriously bizarre arrangement, luckily I hadn’t had enough time to think about it, plus at this point in my life I’m getting used to surreal seeming situations.

She recognizes me straight away and I’m wondering what photo he gave her. Her name is L, we’re the same age and she’s very bubbly from the start, what a nice smiley face to arrive to. She takes my luggage from me, I tell her I can manage, she says that I’m a princess and shouldn’t carry anything, I tell her I’m DEFINITELY not that. It’s sunny outside, I’m thinking- I’m in Morocco!! I’m grinning. We get into a cab, L had been waiting at the airport for me for 3 hours but she’s still full of fantastic energy and excitement. She tells me my father is a couple of hours away and asks if I want to go straight to him or spend the day touring Marrakesh. I tell her I prefer the later and she gives me several options for an itinerary constantly emphasizing that we can do whatever I like. I tell her to choose. She tells me she has a fantastic plan on how we can spend the day and announces that from now on she will be like my own personal I secretary. I tell her to stop being silly and that from now on she is my friend. She looks overwhelmed with happiness. The adventure begins.

Part 2


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