Food Is Fun!

Who knew that working for a couple of days at The Natural and Organic Show in London would turn out to be so much fun!?  The first thing I did when I arrived was have a browse around. Hadn’t had a decent breakfast either so was on a mission to munch.

One of the first things that caught my eye was the ‘Pussy’ stand, a carbonated natural energy drink made from grape juice, lime, lychee and 6 botanical herbs aimed at the clubbing scene. 

It tastes good and it’s about time someone commercialized a less artificial alternative to Red Bull. The funny thing is that I’d somehow come across their website the day before,  it states on there that ‘Pussy starts conversations’ and I can certainly belive that especially after I accidedntly spillt some er.. Pussy on me.  Whatever marketing they’re doing it seems to be working and with a name so ‘out there’ they’re destined for success..

Next up was the Montezuma chocolate stand. Now I’d been meaning to try this brand after seeing their chocolate in several  places around the city. I went straight for the ‘chilli and lime’ flavour  and as I was eating it one of the representatives said ‘now you’ll taste the lime… and now the chilli will start to kick in’ his timing was perfect as if by magic! It tasted PHENOMINAL

Speaking of magic, I was intregued by an 80 year old man selling ‘Magic Chocolate’ . He was alone at his stand and not making much effort to sell but I had to ask him why his chocolate was magic. He explained that he’s the only person who’s managed to come up with a formulae to make chocolate out of only two ingredients; cacao and agave syrup which is a natural alternative to sugar with a very low glycemic index (many have tried this but have only come up with a sludgy textured chocolate without the snap) . He went on to explain the science behind why chocolate really makes you put on weight and why his product is much better for you, but he had a very negative attitude which I found amusing and went on to say ‘not that you really care’  followed by saying ‘I’m just a crusty old man you don’t have to like me, not many people do’ to which I replied; ‘Who needs to be liked? What you want is to be remembered!’ then there was an instant smile on his face!! (satisfaction on my behalf heehee) I ended up having the most fascinating and surreal 2 hour convo with him after the show but that’s another story..  

At this point I was feeling a bit hyper after all the sugar, perfect for some more networking though! I made some friends at the Ecuador food stand and after trying all the differents products; things like chocolate covered guava, papaya and passion-fruit chutney and some ‘Jungle Chilli’ plantain chips that I became addicted to I decided that Ecuador is my new favorite place!

Now here’s a lady who was hard to get hold of since she was getting mobbed almost the whole time. Her name is Liliana and she was hired to represent ‘No Nuts just Coconuts’  a company selling iced coconut cream you can get her info here she covers various events. I also collected the business card of one of the senior people at No Nuts only to find his  title to be ‘cheif coconut’  I must admit I was a little jealous..

Food aside, it seems the natural and organic fans are a really lovely bunch, it was a great atmosphere. I met  an interesting couple with fantastic energy who hold group event’s now and again such as ‘A Yummy Afair’ with the pricipal behind it being surrounding yourself by positive people and promoting positive things, I wouldn’t normally go to these things but I am tempted partly because the couple running it seem like such nice people and also since it’s on Portobello road which is my kind of crowd!


Now to end on an extra positive note I’d have to say;

‘ Don’t Be Glum.. Chew Glee Gum!’ 

This is the tagline behind the Glee chewing gum company and I love the style in which they’ve branded their products. They have gum in every colour under the sun and the best bit is that it’s 100% natural, no artificial coloring or flavours and no presevatives. Natural all the way is what I say!



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2 responses to “Food Is Fun!

  1. Noor

    Dandoona! I love your blog. About time you did one. Good stuff! You really need a spell-checker though 😉 lol

    N xxx

  2. Yes I’m awful at spelling in fact I really need a proof-reader, hint hint.. x

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