Tights, Macarons, and Weirdos!

Okay so the thought of entering Primark gives me anxiety and heart palpitations but I won’t lie it has it’s perks. I heard a rumor that they restock on  Mondays so I popped in to get some plain cotton t-shirts  but got entirely distracted by their fantastic range of tights, I’m such a sucker for lace and prints and you’ve got to love a bargain, I really wonder and almost worry about how they make things so cheap,  sometimes ignorance is bliss though.

I end up with 6 pairs but realistically will only be left with 4 after my sisters rape my shopping bags at home. I’m already thinking about what outfits to wear them with and particularly with my brogues and patent chunky Dr. Martens my fave shoes at the moment. (heels are so Dubai..)

By this time I’ve already decided I’m going to wear the grey leopard print ones to work tomorrow together with my droopy black dress from Portobello market, my loose hanging delicate Ted Baker silver glittery shrug, some lanky necklaces, a light sweep of smoky eye-liner, pink blusher, nude lips, and of course my black shiny DM’s. It will look hot.

I get the plain cotton t-shirts I was originally after which by the way are so much better than any I’ve bought before from Topshop, Benetton, even Gap since they are stretchy and fit so well but also aren’t too flimsy and the white one’s aren’t see through! Only £2 each! I also pick up a lizard brooch which in the right setting would look much more expensive!

I leave ‘Primani’ feeling a bit peckish so I decide to go to one of my favorite places across the road, Selfridges Food Hall (I practically live in there) and I’m thinking ‘from Primark to Selfridges’ that’s just how I roll.  Before I enter I take some shots of the window displays. I know it might sound weird but I just love their current retro thing and I’d been meaning to take photos before they change it. As I’m doing this a cocky young man  in a suit with an annoying face (you know how some people just have an annoying face) stops me and says ‘why are you taking a photo do you think it looks THAT good?’  I turn to him and say ‘ I appreciate the style and old-school aspects of it’  but I cut it short by saying bluntly ‘it’s not for everyone though’ although what I meant to say was ‘I don’t give a..’ . (Put it this way, he was blatantly making fun of me) Despite me being cold he is adamant to keep talking and asks me if I’m an art student (he was almost  sure I was, not that there’s anything wrong with being an art student!) to which I replied ‘no, I graduated in mathematics’. I didn’t even look at him to see his reaction I just continued looking at the displays, he then says ‘ a maths degree, that’s really good’ I’m like ‘I KNOW’. He finally gets the hint.

I walk into the food hall and I know exactly what I want- a chicken tikka wrap from the Tiffin Bites counter with lime and mango chutney, lots of salad, bit of onion, and a drizzle of yoghurt and mint sauce mmmnn. I then go to the  Pierre Herme macaron counter (and by the way they all know me there) and I get my usual passion fruit and chocolate macaron. At £1.80 for a small piece it’s a bit steep but nothing beats perfection. It has just the right texture crispy on the outside, then a bit chewy before you hit the chunky chocolate centre.  Chocolate and passionfruit- 2 of my favorite things and the sweet and sour is so complementing. The simple pleasures.


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