Make someone’s week in less than 5 minutes, for under £10..

You know a couple of months ago when I was on crutches due to a minor knee injury I received something in the post from a friend and I’ll NEVER forget it because I didn’t expect it. All it was was a simple ‘biscuit card’ from Biscuiteers

They have different designs from flowers and butterflies to Converse sneakers and cars. The cookie comes boxed and with a personalized message all for £8 and it takes no more than a few minutes to order.

You know what I did as soon as I received it? I ordered a couple for some friends who I’d been thinking about but felt out of touch with and they were so moved by it.  All about spreading the love, and when you do  it certainly comes back to you. Life is too short to be stingy with both money and feelings.

Aarti my love this one’s for you 🙂



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3 responses to “Make someone’s week in less than 5 minutes, for under £10..

  1. Aarti

    I thought.. What are my Dane’s fave things in the world… & realised they are, in no particular order…

    1) FOOD!
    2) SHOES!

    … So this ended up being the poifect pres for my delightful donut ; )

    Keep up the hardwork with the blog, its lush & I love it homeboy.

    You’re spesh! xxx

  2. Rasha

    Thanks for the idea dude! Just sent some to my mama for her birthday…i’m sure that will secure my place as her favourite child!

    Lovin’ you’re work, keep the stories comin’ : )

    Rasha xx

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