Clowning Around with Cupcakes..

The bake-off was coming up at work and my manager was expecting big things from me. We talked about making Lady Gaga inspired cakes but the truth is I wasn’t in a glamorous nor particularly culinary mood. Saying that I don’t like doing things by halves so I wanted to do something different but was finding it hard to get inspiration.

It just happened that earlier that week I was at an event organized  by my friend Rosa for her charity Phunzira (which helps to give children in Malawi better access to education in case you’re interested) when I was greeted by a huge painting on the wall of the venue of ‘Benny’ the clown. He had me with the wink and I love the fact that the artist (Benny Woodvine) used pound notes as a medium to paint on. (You can see the queen’s head coming through the red nose!).

I’m already comfortable with individual cupcake designs and it’s so overdone these days that I thought I’d have a shot at painting on a mosaic of cupcakes and I chose Benny the clown since he was reflecting my rebellious mood! It was just a first experiment and I knew it could have turned out a disaster but I was pleased with the outcome and I know I can do so much better with this technique next time.  All about paintings on cupcakes now and I have loads of crazy ideas..  Just remember you saw it here first! 😉


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