Attack of the Clones

It makes sense that most people need some kind of goal in life to keep them going, something to live for. But I can’t help but notice that for too many people the one thing all their energy is focused on is their looks or more specifically their weight and that sadly seems to be their only real ambition. Do people realize how much this issue takes over their lives? How much time and money they spend on this one thing?  I doubt they notice how often they talk about it, a few times per day. (How boring?) The worst thing is that firstly to be frank many of these victims will never be thin, so if you’re going to dream or set yourself a goal whatever it’s related to at least be a bit realistic or you’re just wasting your time which can be invested on much better things. This takes me to my next point which again may sound a bit mean but for many of these people I feel that their looks or weight is the least of their worries, it’s their lack of personality that concerns me the most, it’s like people have forgotten that a personality is actually a useful and attractive thing to have! And the other thing is that IF these people do reach their ‘goal’ be it by dieting, surgery, whatever, then what happens? Have they even thought about that? What if the media decides to change its mind and being thin goes out of fashion? Also will all their problems disappear? Will they suddenly become a happy person? I doubt it.. There will always be someone better looking or thinner, how far does it go?

If we’re talking about being healthier I’m all for that but no one seems to care about their health either. How about try accepting yourself and focusing on your personal strengths rather then doing what society tells you to do? That way not only is your life easier but you have something no-one can compete with- individuality.

You could argue that the fact that I’ve always been thin makes my point weaker but firstly this issue also effects girls smaller than me (ridiculous I know) and secondly I can say first hand that being thin is way overrated. There will still be certain clothes you won’t look good in, it actually makes it harder when it comes to relationships since you attract more of the pretentious types that simply want an ‘accessory’ round their arm, (quality matters more than quantity remember so it’s not about the amount of attention you get) and at the end of the day beauty is beauty no matter what the size of the person. Have you ever wondered why certain people who aren’t conventionally good looking happen to attract people around them all the time, how they manage to have people dropping at their feet? Do you wonder how they do it? It’s because they have their own personality which is refreshing. They are comfortable with themselves and that confidence and positive energy is what makes them attractive and they will get what they want in life. If you are happy enough to lead a fake life, focusing only on these fake things to impress fake people then I guarantee you’ll spend your whole life insecure. How sad? 

I’m sorry for ranting but I’m disheartened for there are too many clones around.



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2 responses to “Attack of the Clones

  1. panda poo

    This is BRILLIANT, INSPIRATIONAL AND painfully true. It has changed my day. Please keep them coming. We don’t realize we do this until we read something like this and discover what a waste. Thank you for writing this. I can individually say this has helped me a lot.
    You are a TALENTED writer.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it and it’s so good to hear it has made a difference because as you rightly say what a waste.. x

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