The Fashionable Way to Graduate

So today was my sister’s graduation. I must say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, I  was so worried about taking too much time off work and thought it would be really boring. However it really was a lovely event. It was held in the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank and what a lovely hall it is, I’m crazy about the modern interior, the balcony’s are so cool.

Now this was quite a contrast to my graduation ceremony for my mathematics at King’s degree considering my sister just graduated from London College of Fashion so I spent most the time looking at everyone’s shoes!

The highlight for me though was the message from Vidal Sassoon to the new graduates. He was supposed to attend the ceremony in person but couldn’t due to ill health unfortunately and so he left a video message. He spoke about his life and how he started before becoming the world wide success he is, he was very humble and said it was mostly due to luck and that his mother had put him on the right path. As a young entrepreneur I find these types of stories fascinating and a few things he said stuck in my mind. He quoted that ‘the only time success comes before work.. is in the dictionary’.  He also said ‘ you can be the fun person that likes to go to all the parties, or you can quietly work hard and become successful’.I really believe that the only way I will be as successful as I want to be will be by pure and sometimes painful hard work and sacrifices yet I feel there are  so many dreamers out there who seem to think things like that come easy. Another thing he said which I loved was that one should be confident but never ever be arrogant or let your head get too big, you should always have that very slight insecurity about maintaining your status and success when taking it to the next level. I loved the fact that he was such a lovely man and no one can argue his success yet he was so humble. I hate arrogance and show-offs and it’s usually those people who have not much to show for themselves. Anyway I don’t have too much to say about this apart from I love when anything or anyone inspires me, even in a little way. If you inspire me you change my life 🙂



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2 responses to “The Fashionable Way to Graduate

  1. Claire

    Hi Dana. Your blog has inspired me a lot, so thanks for that.

  2. Marilyn Manroo

    congratulations Danaaa,, with ur sister(L)
    i love u,,, ur so beautifull 😀
    i love fashion,, its so cool,,
    ur pictures are beautifull 😀

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