Hello whoever you are and thanks for visiting!
It is my aim for each one of my articles to either;

1. Make you smile.
2. Provoke thought
3. Leave you hungry!

A bit about me;

I’m a Londoner born and bred but have also spent a good amount of time living in Dubai. My colorful personality is like one of my outfits, you’ll find something designer mixed with a bargain-buy, something I’ve made, and something I’ve picked up from a market somewhere in the world. I have a mathematics degree from King’s College London and I left a well paid job at a top investment bank in order to pursue my dreams. My interests lie in food, art, and people and yes I’m a closet geek too. I have a lot of stories to share and I love meeting people with stories whether it’s a taxi driver or an A list celebrity. (Some of the best stories however I must admit I can’t put on here haha). In ten years time I’d like to be running my own trendy restaurant which will be best known for 1) the great service and atmosphere and 2) having the coolest toilets around.  Passion is my driving force, I get my energy from people and I believe that with a little creativity you can have fun in whatever you do and still achieve success. I’m  a fan of being nice since I think life is too short not to be. However when you’re a scrawny little girl in this big mean world you learn to be ruthless when necessary, it’s about survival.. I honestly believe it’s not what you have but your attitude which determines everything. I’m thankful for every opportunity I’m given and take something positive from every experience. There is a lot I want to do in my life and I don’t have time to waste. In this light I hope I haven’t wasted your time and that you enjoy my blog!

Finally I’m going to leave you with a quote that I like;

‘The world is like a book, he who stays at home reads only one page’


Contact: scrawnylittlegirl@googlemail.com


20 responses to “About

  1. sabrina sadiq

    I love itttttttt Well done hun. looking forward to following u on your blog. 🙂

  2. Thank you Sabrina! And hmm I wonder who the ‘someone’ I was talking about is.. 🙂

  3. NJG

    Go Dana – so pleased to see you have this up and running. Am really impressed Nicola xxxx

  4. Ravi Tanna

    omg how weird is this- i was looking for tagine dishes to cook tonight at a friends house and came across your site.

    Looked into “about” section and just realised I went to Albermale with you!

    last time i saw you was at LSE studying for damn exams!

    tc ravi

  5. Wow that’s amazing haha! What are you up-to now? (Apart from cooking tagines!)

  6. Elin

    Thank you for tagine will try it this week,..and coco/p-apple bunnies (will make another shape though,..or maybe acctually,..how funny would it be to make the bunnies next time my I have a girls night out dinner, ..hahahaaa (we are 37 years old! :).

    Keep you posted om that! (insert: naughty smile)

  7. Hiii Dana,
    You don’t know my, haha.
    My name is Sham ( a 15 years old girl, from North-Iraq. Living in the Netherlands) I have became a really big fan of you, since I saw you on ‘Paris Hinton’s BFF Dubai.’ Your such a cool girl! Love your blog ♥

    kisses and hugs,

  8. Marilyn Manroo

    I know you from Paris Hiltons Bff 2..
    and i lovee youu !!
    i like your quote 2 😀
    its true 😀

  9. Little D.

    Love ur blog !by the way whats ur sign ? =)
    p.s from Russia with love

  10. Just me

    Hi Dana. I’m 16 years old, living in Denmark (but from Pakistan) and a big fan of you, after watcing Paris Hilton’s best friend Dubai. I was very happy when I found your blog, because then I thougt that I finally could write to you.
    I loooooooooove your blog, and I hope that you’ll write more. You are a really good person, and look so much up to you. I hope that you’ll see this and give me a reply. I will mean so much to me.
    Finally I want to say that I don’t have some real friend I can tell anything. But when I look at you I think that there’s still hope. So thank you for that.
    Loooove me 🙂

    • Hi sweetheart, how are you? I’ve been to Pakistan before for a wedding, it was awesome especially the food haha! Thank you so much for writing to me, hope you get this message. Don’t worry you are still young, you will meet most of your closest friends from the age of 18+ I’d say 😉 just remember there are so many things in life even little things that are beautiful x

      • Just me

        Hi again! Haha yeah the pakistani food is so delicios and I’m actually pretty good at making it haha :b
        Thanks for your reply, this means really much to me! And thanks for the advice. I’ve just began in college and I think that things are beginning to light up, thanks to you.
        I am a really believing muslim and peace is an important thing in that religion, so I want to do something big with my life, like creating peace, helping the poor etc. like you did – so thank you for being my role model 🙂
        Hope you’ll get the message

  11. Just me

    Oh sorry, I didn’t explain me that well. I ment that I’ve read the story about the two boys you gave food and that you made a fond (where you could donated money to poor children) and when I read those stories, I realized that helping others is really important. So I just ment thank you for everything – you don’t know how much this means to me 🙂

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